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Madison Gaines

Junior Faculty Advisor

Junior Faculty Advisor

Madison Gaines is a Creative Writing major and a Math minor in George Mason University’s Class of 2021. She attended WJMC as a correspondent in 2016, returned to WJMC in 2017 as an Intern, and is looking forward to attending WJMC as a JFA this year! Currently, Madi is a Mason Ambassador, a member of Mason’s Honors College Recruitment Team and the GMU Green Machine, and plays intramural soccer. As an Ambassador and an HCRT member, Madison spends a lot of time interacting with prospective students and giving tours of campus. After college, her goal is to become an author and an editor in a book publishing company, and then use her vast riches to turn an old hotel into a public library. Madi loves puns, mozzarella sticks, and spreadsheets, in that order.

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