Registered Students

Portal Login Instructions

  1. Go to the main login page*
  2. Enter your Username (this is your email address with a .wsp at the end)
  3. Enter your password
  4. You’re in!

*Use Firefox or Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer to access the portal surveys (medical, travel, photo, and t-shirt). Safari, Microsoft Edge, and all mobile and tablet devices are not compatible with portal surveys.

WJMC Student Portal Setup Instructions

  1. Check your email! Instructions for setting up your student portal were sent January 29, 2020. If you did not get an email from us with instructions, please call or email us so we can resend it to you.
  2. The Portal setup email will have you authenticate your account by entering your email and mobile number into the Portal Registration Page. Once you enter this information, you will receive another email with a link to set your password. When your password is set, you will able to access the portal!