The Washington Journalism and Media Conference


Katherine Brown is from Mt. Pleasant Michigan. She is a freshman at Central Michigan University, where she is double majoring in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Leadership.  Katherine is one of 40 of CMU’s Leader Advancement Scholars for the 2021 cohort. So far in college Katherine has been very active on campus including, volunteering, the sustainability advocate on the community council for her dorm building, and the swim club. Katherine is also currently working as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and student assistant in the office of student disabilities. Katherine attended WJMC in 2021 in the blue group, she is also a member of the Youth Advisory Board for WJMC. Katherine is looking forward to coming back to WJMC this summer as a JFA. Her favorite thing about WJMC was stepping out of her comfort zone and making lifelong friendships and becoming more passionate about journalism.