The Washington Journalism and Media Conference


Television Presenter and International Journalist, 2M Media Group

Nadgeena Jerome is an alumna of the 2012 Washington Journalism and Media Conference. Nadgeena’s most recent position has been as a Television Presenter and Editor at 2M Media Group (2M), where she contributes her talents as a host for Interview 360. Nadgeena was also a co-host and editor for the Trending China series. She brings her fresh and young perspective to 2M Media Group, immersing herself in work both in front of and behind the camera as a producer. Before joining 2M, Nadgeena co-founded the entertainment news segment On The Couch at George Mason University, as well as worked in several broadcast environments, including for the local Fox 5 affiliate in New York and as a Video Journalism Fellow for Circa News. Nadgeena credits the Washington Journalism and Media Conference as what solidified her desire to work in broadcast media. She is excited to be back as a speaker for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, sharing her forward-thinking approach to media and experience as a young journalist, networking with industry leaders from international media outlets.