The Washington Journalism and Media Conference



“Kristin is quiet and never was a child that got overly excited about anything. However, she was very excited to participate in WJMC 2021 at George Mason University. She couldn’t wait to share her experiences with her stepfather, brother, and me when we picked her up. She showed us her booklet and described all the activities she has completed and what she had learned from those activities. She talked about several of the speakers and how they impacted her as she listened to them speak. I appreciate the learning opportunity that was extended to my daughter as it has had a profound impact on her future goals and educational plans. She is even more dedicated to pursuing her career in the journalism field and started classes at the local community college last month. Thank you!”

- Randa, WJMC 2021

From the warm welcome that Jude received at the airport to his Friday departure, Jude shared that it was a wonderful experience.  He savored the full days, early rise to later evening, touring the town, meeting and conversing with leading journalists, and rolling up sleeves to do project work with youth from around the States. Many thanks WJMC for his memorable summer experience!”

- Margot, WJMC 2021

“Tyler’s experience at WJMC exceeded our expectations! Not only did he get hands-on knowledge of journalistic studies and experiences, but he also had an opportunity to listen to amazing, poignant speakers who gave him a lasting impression for the passion for the field of communications and journalism. Tyler met new friends and got a fresh perspective of what it’s like to not only live on a college campus but also the amazing energy of university life in the DC/Virginia area. We feel so fortunate that he got to experience this unique and amazing experience.”

- Nicole, WJMC 2021

“Anthony had an outstanding experience at WJMC! He learned a lot, met new friends, and strengthened his interest in journalism and media. We also feel that as parents, we had personalized attention from everyone on the program. From the moment we arrived on campus till the day we picked up our son on the last day of the program, we felt that Anthony was among people who care about his learning, safety, well-being, and was having a great time on campus and on off-campus tours and activities. 

Everything was well organized. The living conditions and safety on campus were outstanding. Elena and other program leaders addressed all our questions in advance and throughout the program, and made everything for WJMC to stand out among other programs in media and journalism that our son attended. The curriculum, external tours, internal presentations, and the overall experience were outstanding.”

- Mariya, WJMC 2021

“This summer, my daughter Ashlynn attended the Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJMC).  The conference was a wonderful experience for her.  Not only was it educational, it was fun.  Her interest in journalism has increased since attending the conference and she is excited about her future.  The WJMC was also a confidence builder. She was able to experience staying away from home in a college dorm before actually going away to college.  After being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, she was very excited about attending the conference this year.  Although the schedule was packed, she states that it was an experience that she would never forget and would love to attend it again if she could.”

- Tishanna, WJMC 2021