The Washington Journalism and Media Conference


Tina Li is a high school junior in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Granby High School and is currently involved in the process of starting up her school’s student-led daily news broadcast after decades of inactivity.  She is the editor for her school’s Key Club chapter and competes in Future Problem Solving, which she has been involved in for 7 years and has won the states championships four times. In her free time, Tina listens to music and curates playlists on Spotify, hangs out with her friends and their cats, and edits videos to post on her Youtube channel. Tina plans to major in English with a minor in Computer Science at college, and her dream is to be a journalist for the New York Times. She had the most incredible and eye-opening experience at WJMC 2021, and hopes to help make it a wonderful experience for future youth correspondents!