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Emily Vraga

Assistant Professor, George Mason University

Assistant Professor, George Mason University

Emily K. Vraga joined the faculty at George Mason University in 2012 as an assistant professor in the Department of Communication. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and spent one year as a Post-Doctoral Research Instructor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University.

Dr. Vraga’s research focuses on how individual predispositions and motivations influence the processing of media content, particularly in the evolving digital environment. Her work has investigated a wide range of new media formats, including political blogs, social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and television programs that blur the lines between entertainment and information. Dr. Vraga is particularly¬†interested in the ways in which partisans process messages to match their predispositions, as well as techniques that can limit biased information processing and the spread of misinformation.

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