The Washington Journalism and Media Conference

Youth Advisory Board

Matthew Donato

Matthew Donato is currently in his senior year at Thomas A. Edison High School in Alexandria, Virginia. Matt is a huge contributer to the school’s literary and arts magazine known as Erudite, and he also helps the Edison News Crew, doing everything from scriptwriting, camera work, telepromter, and switcher, graphics. He’s even trying editing but has a lot to learn. Matthew attended WJMC in the summer of 2017 during session one, and he was in the best color group ever, the red group. He has not stopped talking about it since he left on July 14th. Matthew’s favorite memory was being able to get to know all the people in his group and just being able to have fun with all of them. Ever since the conference, Matt has put aside his passion for animal science and is now pursuing a degree in either Communications, Journalism, or Media Studies. Oh, and his first choice is Mason!

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