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Nicole Livas

Former Anchor, WAVY News and Fox 43 TV

Former Anchor, WAVY News and Fox 43 TV

Nicole Livas is a veteran broadcast journalist who relocated to the DC area for her husband’s career promotion in March 2016. She’s now an independent journalist, media consultant, and trainer.

Previously, she anchored four weekday evening newscasts on the WAVY and Fox 43 TV in Norfolk. In addition to her on air work, Nicole kept busy behind the scenes by producing web stories, blogs, and social media posts.

Nicole is a community leader who speaks to aspiring journalists and various community groups.

Nicole is a proud graduate of George Mason University, and serves on the Board of Advisors for G.M.U.’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She also serves on the board of the Society of Professional Journalists, Virginia Chapter.

Nicole spends her free time with her husband, infant daughter and family, in the gym or yoga studio and loves traveling, reading, cooking and supporting local businesses.

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