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Terry Anderson

Chief Middle East Correspondent, The Associated Press, Retired

Terry Anderson, 68, is a retired journalist – a former foreign correspondent in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He served as Chief Middle East Correspondent for the Associated Press, as well as working as a newspaper editor, tv & radio reporter and documentary producer. He is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran.

Anderson has spent more than ten years as a journalism professor at University of Florida, Syracuse University, Ohio University and the Columbia School of Journalism, among others. He is author of the best¬selling book “Den of Lions,” recounting the seven years he was held hostage in Lebanon, and has been a frequent speaker on journalism, the Middle East and public affairs. He holds numerous awards in journalism, as well as for volunteer and charitable work. He is honorary chairman of the Committee to Protect Journalists, which monitors attacks on the press and works to defend journalists around the world. He is also co-chair and founder of the Vietnam Children’s Fund, which has built 50 schools in Vietnam over the past 20 years.

Anderson is an enthusiastic diver (cave¬dive certified and experienced), and a horse lover who has raised and trained young and troubled horses. He currently lives in Orange, Virginia.

Anderson holds a double B.A. in journalism and political science from Iowa State University.

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