The Washington Journalism and Media Conference


Buzz McClain

Communications Manager for the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University

Buzz McClain took every journalism course offered by George Mason in his freshman year (there were only two, 101 and 102); he wrote press releases and sports stories for Mason’s sports information office for four years; and he wrote entertainment stories and essays for the campus newspaper for four years, in addition to being entertainment editor for his last two years. Thoroughly prepared for a career in journalism, Buzz left Mason and began digging ditches for a swimming pool company. But his freelance writing paid off and he was hired by a bi-weekly, then a weekly, then a daily before beginning a career as a magazine writer and a music critic. To complete the circle, he is back at Mason where it all began as a communications manager, writing stories about Mason’s super-smart professors, over-achieving students and global successes.

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