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Mallory Saleson

Communications and Media Specialist

Mallory Saleson is a global communications and media specialist with extensive experience in international development and the private sector. She was an international broadcast journalist during the 1980s and ‘90s. Recently she tacked in a new direction, taking the position of Executive Editor of platform content on the management team of a start-up professional and social network aimed at building neighborhood workplace engagement. Saleson began her career in broadcast journalism at Voice of America and spent nearly two decades as a radio correspondent covering a range of issues in Washington, D.C., Europe and southern Africa. She earned her chops reporting first-hand some of the most compelling stories of our time: Nelson Mandela’s walk to freedom and the first post-apartheid elections in South Africa; war, conflict, humanitarian and social issues throughout southern Africa; and the assassination attempt on President Reagan. Saleson joined the World Bank Group’s office in South Africa in 2003. There she was responsible for developing and implementing high impact communication, media and outreach strategies for the Bank’s regional office. She returned to Washington, D.C. in September 2008 to head up communications for the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), the political risk and credit enhancement arm of the World Bank Group. She led the agency’s communications team until her retirement from the World Bank in 2016.

Settled in northern Virginia, she has more time to devote to family, her two rambunctious ridgebacks and her friends. She has maintained her healthy addiction to news and current affairs and enjoys cooking, writing, reading and hiking outdoors. She has a Masters in Journalism from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies from University of Wisconsin.

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