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Cynthia Russo

Founder/Publisher, EAST COBBER Magazine

Founder/Publisher, EAST COBBER Magazine

Cynthia Rozzo created the free magazine, EAST COBBER, in 1993 to serve East Cobb County, Georgia residents by providing a forum for them to share their ideas and a source for them to learn more about their community.

As a local businesswoman, Cynthia has served as past president of the East Cobb Business Association and is a member of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce. Prior to establishing EAST COBBER, Cynthia Rozzo was the marketing/public relations manager for an educational publishing company. In addition to growing EAST COBBER online and in print, she produces the annual EAST COBBER Community Parade and Festival.

Cynthia received a Masters in International Relations from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Her undergraduate degree in Public Administration was earned at Indiana University, Bloomington. An East Cobb County (a neighborhood in Marietta, GA) resident since 1991, Ms. Rozzo lives in the Park Ridge subdivision with her husband, George, and three children, Lee, Nikos, and Eleni.

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