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Isabelle Robles

Junior Faculty Advisor

Junior Faculty Advisor

Isabelle Robles is a current freshman at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying Strategic Communication in Journalism and Anthropology, hoping to pursue a career in digital communications. At the University she stays busy as a tour guide, a member of the Mizzou Student Suicide Prevention Coalition and is involved in the philanthropy and scholarship aspects of her sorority. She attended the Washington Journalism and Media Conference as a National Youth Correspondent from Iowa City, Iowa and returned to intern for the conference the following year. She credits her decision to confidently enter journalism school to the knowledge and connections she gained at WJMC.

In high school, Isabelle got the opportunity to travel across the nation for journalistic purposes and was named Iowa’s High School Journalist of the Year and one of six national runners-up. She has experience in news and feature writing, broadcasting, multimedia storytelling, social media and website production and has received state, national and international awards for her work, including the 2017 National Multimedia Story of the Year. Isabelle can be found scoping out the best local ice cream places and talking way too much about her dog.

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